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Does Your Practice Have Dental Newsletters?

Posted on: 08th Jul 2022

Dental newsletters are time-consuming to write and difficult to maintain. So, does your practice write them?

Probably not, right?

Yet, marketing research shows that dental newsletters are a guaranteed way to establish credibility, drive sales, and build trust.

Every dentist knows first-hand the importance of building consistent trust between themselves and existing patients. The problem is that dentists are time-poor, so while many of their patients would benefit from healthy and helpful advice, it is difficult to actively engage with every patient.

Fortunately, we can help.

We offer a monthly dental newsletter emailed from your practice to your patients. Each newsletter is written by a Specialist Dentist and content marketing team. Each newsletter is well researched, relevant, and designed to create a call to action like a check-up, a tooth whitening treatment, a referral or finally booking an Orthodontic consultation.

We will show your reception team how to send the dental newsletters through your existing Dental Practice Management Software and are on hand to answer any questions.

We make it easy and stress-free to keep your patients informed, invested, and loyal, which adds great value to your practice. And, most importantly, inspires your patients to sustain optimal dental health.

That’s a lot to smile about!

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